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Jeff and DeniseIt was 2004 when I became a Shaklee Distributor and wow, what a ride! My Shaklee business has given me the opportunity to make a career out of a little part time business.

I am now able to enjoy working from home. Most people don't truly realize the benefits of being able to work from home. There is no commuting traffic, no parking, no huge dry cleaning bills, no daycare, cheaper car insurance, no cost of eating lunch out every day and most of all, a flexible schedule. These are just a few things that will save you money by working from home.

As a Shaklee distributor there are two things I absolutely love about my business. The first thing is being able to help other people start their own Shaklee distributorship just like I did. The second thing I really enjoy about my business is the improvement I have seen in my health as well as being able to help others improve their health! It is truly a win - win for everyone!

One of the reasons that I choose to start a Shaklee Distributorship is because of our products. Shaklee has been around for over 50 years because of great products that are safe for our families, our pets, our Earth and best of all, they actually work!

Feet in Sand

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As your Shaklee Distributor I will be able to help you become healthier the natural way or I will help you to start your very own Shaklee Business or BOTH! Almost 2000 people have made over $1 million with Shaklee not to mention all of the people that have benefited from our products. This is so much fun!

I look forward to helping you,

 Jeff Carraher   ZH04279